Computer Times Editors’ Choice Game Awarded to Freeze Tag!

Posted on Jul 14, 2011

Editors' Choice Award

Unsolved Mystery Club®: Amelia Earhart receives the Computer Times Editors’ Choice Award! The Computer Times Editors’ Choice Review can be found here:

Quoting a paragraph from the review:

The scenes in which players will be hunting for objects are actual locations from Amelia’s life, like her childhood home, or her university dorm room. Some of the objects you will find are possessions she really had, like her aviator goggles, or a basketball, making this game an interactive foray into her history. Some items can only be found by utilizing other objects to interact with the scene. For instance, you might need to find one item hidden inside a crate, but must first collect a crowbar with which to open that crate. Sometimes, the object you need to use is in another scene of the chapter, so you’ll have to switch back and forth between all of them to discover every object. In addition to the hidden object screens, at intervals, you will play an aviation simulator mini game, where you are required to complete puzzles in order to fly Amelia’s biplane. These are nice little breaks in the regular game play. There are 5 research chapters, containing numerous scenes in each, all spanning the 4 popular disappearance theories. Find all the clues and decide for yourself what really happened to Amelia Earhart.