Kitty Pawp: Bubble Shooter

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Help our blue kitty friend “pawp” her way through dozens of puzzling levels!


  • Tricky Treats – Collect all the colorful fishies to complete the level.
  • Catastrophe – Earn enough points to reach the first star before time runs out.
  • Cat Trap – Clear all of the bubbles before they touch the red line.


  • Hairballs – Clear the hairballs by matching bubbles they touch.
  • Kitty Litter – Change the color of the kitty litter clumps by popping bubbles nearby.
  • Yarn Balls – Roll up the the yarn balls by shooting at them.

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System Requirements:

  • Facebook Canvas App:
    • Runs on the following browers:
    • Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari
  • Mobile App:
    • Requres iOS 7.1 or higher and runs on the following devices:
    • iPad 3 or higher, iPad Mini 2 or higher, iPhone 5 or higher