Spinning Wheel Got To Go Round*

Posted on Mar 28, 2014

Party Animals: Dance Battle - Spinning Wheel

Party Animals: Dance Battle – Spinning Wheel

What is it about the “spinning wheel” that fascinates us? Slot machines, Wheel of Fortune, roulette, carousels…our lives are full of spinning wheels that we just can’t resist. We must spin “one more time” to see where it lands. Which brings me to our newest and most addictive feature: the “Spin To Win” mini-game!

The “Spin To Win” spinning wheel mini-game is part of a long list of additions to Party Animals: Dance Battle that you’ll see in our newest update. Players can spin to receive great rewards like bling (our premium currency), coins, boosters and even a new dancer (mystery box). Why did we add a spinning wheel mini-game to Party Animals: Dance Battle? Well, we wanted to offer a fun way to reward our players for coming back often to check on their battles. Every so often, the player will receive a “free spin” of the wheel that can pay off in big rewards. When the free spin is available, a notification is sent to the player letting them know it’s time to come back and try their luck with the wheel. Of course, they can always skip the timer and pay to spin the wheel again immediately. Many top grossing games like Candy Crush, Hay Day and Bejeweled have spinning wheel mini-games that are very successful.

We’re wrapping up the last few days of QA testing and hope to submit to Apple very soon. The next phase will be continued testing in new markets. We’ll keep you posted on our progress. Until then, “Let the spinning wheel spin!*”

*Lyrics from the 1970 hit song “Spinning Wheel” by Blood, Sweat & Tears.