Insta Etch A Sketch® for iOS

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Instantly turn your photos into real Etch A Sketch® drawings!! Make masterpieces, Etch incredible images, and fool your friends into thinking that you spend hours recreating different images!

With Insta Etch A Sketch® you will be able to transform any image that you have on your iPhone or iPad into an Etch A Sketch® drawing that will have your friends thinking that you spent hours drawing it yourself! Take a new picture with the on-board camera or select a photo from your album and turn it into an Etch A Sketch® drawing. Watch the “etch” image materialize in front of your eyes!! Then send the image to all of your friends on all the major social networks!

This app supports sharing via Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Instagram, and E-mail.


  • Take a picture from the camera
  • Import a picture from your photo album
  • Share photos instantly on different social networks
  • Includes “Shake to Erase” to delete your etch
  • Fool your friends with your original Etch A Sketch® drawings

Also, check out to view a gallery of user generated sketches and much more!

Get it on your iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch now!

System Requirements:

  • iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch with iOS 4.3 and newer
  • Apple App Store loaded on device