Freeze Tag News: Munzee March Update

Posted on Mar 14, 2018

TUSTIN, CA, March 14, 2018 – Freeze Tag (OTC: FRZT), a leading creator of location-based mobile social games, today announced a monthly update regarding their flagship mobile game Munzee.

“After a stellar February, both in game and in store, we’re looking forward to March.” said Rob Vardeman, President of Gameplay for Freeze Tag. “As we continue to work on developing a new version of the Munzee app, it’s important that we continue releasing new and interesting gameplay features on the current platform as well.”

Tuli Pouch Creature Release
In February, Munzee launched a new product line of Munzees called Pouch Creatures. Pouch Creatures are based on set items in another Freeze Tag game, WallaBee, as well as the Mythological Munzee line that has become a staple of the game. The first Pouch Creature released was the Tuli Pouch Creature Munzee.

Similar to Mythological Munzees, each individually numbered Tuli Pouch Creature Munzee is purchased by a player. That virtual game piece then travels around the world to be captured by players worldwide. A new feature that Pouch Creatures have is the ability to level up into new creatures based on capture streaks. So if a player’s Tuli is captured multiple days in a row it will level up and be worth more points. Once a streak is broken though the Tuli will revert back to level one.

The company has been impressed with the response to the new product line. In the first day alone more than 1,300 Tuli Pouch Creature Munzees were purchased. Learn more about Pouch Creatures on the Munzee blog.

Temporary Virtual Munzee Launch
Earlier this month also saw the release of the new Temporary Virtual Munzee in connection with Munzee Madness, a popular player run event based in Southern California. This new virtual item allows players to deploy temporary game pieces in areas to help other players hit goals.

Temporary Virtual Munzees are deployed on a new layer of the map, so players don’t have to worry about trying to deploy in areas that are already populated with other munzees. The worldwide Munzee community often works together to help one another reach their goals by deploying virtuals in specified areas. The new Temporary Virtual will be a great tool for players participating in Clan Wars, ZeeOps, Munzee Events and more.

The company is proud to report that approximately one thousand Temporary Virtuals were deployed within the first weekend. This is due in part to larger scale player events in both California and Florida. Learn more about Temporary Virtuals on the Munzee blog.

New Rewards For Clan Wars and ZeeOps
Clan Wars and ZeeOps, two of Munzee’s ongoing gameplay campaigns, released new rewards for March.

Clan Wars is a co-op campaign that allows players to join worldwide groups of ten to complete specific tasks each month. Munzee Clans can choose to compete in five different difficulty levels for the month and earn prizes for hitting milestones. Players can earn Clan Weapon Munzees such as the Longsword, Battle Axe and Hammer Munzees.

For March Clan Wars players can earn the new Catapult Munzee. The Catapult Munzee is a new virtual Clan Weapon that, when captured, will “hurl” three Boulder Munzees onto greenies within a quarter mile radius for 1 hour. Learn more about Catapults on the Munzee blog.

ZeeOps tasks individual players with daily Missions to complete multi-day Operations. Each ZeeOps Mission will reveal part of an overall storyline, with new Mission themes added each month. Players can choose to participate in 3, 7, 10 or 14 days Operations for a chance to win a variety of prizes. Beginning in March players are able to earn the new Briefcase Munzee.

The Briefcase Munzee is the first ZeeOps-specific munzee in a new product line called “Zeecret Weapons.” Similar to Clan Weapons, these game pieces can only be earned by completing ZeeOps Operations. When captured, the Briefcase Munzee will “spill” three Dossier Munzees onto greenies within a mile for 2 hours. Learn more about Briefcases on the Munzee blog.

“We have always prided ourselves on the variety of ways to play Munzee,” said Rob Vardeman, President of Freeze Tag. “Whether you join a Clan, track down Mythological Munzees, or focus on the physical game is up to you. We want to offer our players new and engaging ways to get out and play.”

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