Freeze Tag Celebrates Female Athletes With Munzee Gameplay Initiatives

Posted on Jul 12, 2019

TUSTIN, CA, July 12, 2019 – Freeze Tag (OTC: FRZT), a leading creator of location-based mobile social games, has continued its mission to promote physical fitness with a recent focus on female athletes around the world. Alongside the company’s sponsorship of the InternationElles female cycling team, Freeze Tag has just concluded a special promotion connected to the women’s soccer world cup tournament. 

“With the support of our worldwide player community, we’re proud to shine the spotlight on female athletes around the world and physical activity in general,” said Craig Holland, CEO of Freeze Tag. “We’re proud of the hard work these women have displayed: Whether they’re cycling through mountains, racing down the pitch, or going the extra mile for that next munzee.” 

The “Coupe du Munzee” promotion featured special bouncing game pieces for each of the 32 teams competing in the tournament. Initially only 11 of each team’s munzee were released to bounce around the worldwide map. As the tournament went on more special icons were deployed for the winning teams, while losing teams’ specials were reduced to one bouncing icon. In the end the United States beat out the Netherlands for the final days of the promotion. To celebrate Team USA’s win a new permanent special munzee will soon be launched within the game. Follow the Munzee Blog for more information regarding the new munzee type when it is announced.  

More than 15,000 Coupe Du Munzee specials were captured from June 7 through July 7. Special bouncing munzees like these are a great driver for players due to higher point values. Many players chase bouncing munzees miles away in order to earn these rare game pieces. Players can also increase their chances of capturing particular bouncing munzees by using Munzee Magnets, which attract up to three bouncing munzees for one hour. During the time that Coupe Du Munzee specials were available nearly 10,000 Magnets were used. 

Alongside the promotion of the women’s world cup championship, Freeze Tag has also launched a new special munzee type for players to follow the progress of the InternationElles cycling team. Led by Freeze Tag Events Manager Louise Gibson, the InternationElles started their journey to cycle the entire entirety of the Tour de France earlier this month. 

“Countless female cyclists from around the world are faced with continual disparagement that prohibits them from participating in their sport on the same caliber as their male counterparts,” said Louise Gibson, Munzee Events Manager. “I’m proud to be a part of the InternationElles and that my Freeze Tag team has also rallied behind the cause.”  

In between races the team has been deploying special virtual and physical munzees for other players to capture. Although the InternationElles Munzees are only available in France, these special pins will be permanently on the map for players to capture at any time. Premium Munzee players can follow the InternationElles route via the Munzee map here: 

For more information about Munzee follow the Munzee Blog at

You can learn more about the InternationElles at and by following them on social media outlets for updates. 

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