Rocket Weasel™ Soars to App Stores

Posted on Feb 25, 2012

Our hero, Rocket Weasel, needs your help to save the animals from the farmer who has captured them with clever cages and treacherous traps.
You could help out Mr. Weasel by playing our Rocket Weasel game which is now available on both iOS and Android platforms.
Rocket Weasel™ has launched at:
1) Apple App Store – the iOS build will work on both iPad and iPod Touch/iPhone devices.
Apple App Store
2)  Google Marketplace & Amazon Appstore – the Android build supports both tablet and phone devices (including the Kindle Fire and new phones using Ice Cream Sandwich).

Google Marketplace

Amazon Appstore
  • Rocket Weasel is hot!  Like Brad Pitt with smaller abs!
  • Rocket Weasel is one of those physics type puzzle games that seems like it could be the “next big thing”.
  • I have more fun with this than Angry Birds. Rocket Weasel has different rockets to choose from depending on how you want to complete the level, interactable environments as the rockets travels, and the developers seem to be more involved with their community.
  • Love the story.  So glad I am helping out the animals instead of having to destroy them!
  • There is so much going on that I will never get bored with this game!
We appreciate your time and hope you enjoy the game.
The Freeze Tag Team

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